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Duplus Spa

£3,899 inc VAT    £2,699 inc VAT

Our smallest sized spa. An ideal choice for couples and small families.

Key Features

  • 2 Seats (2 Loungers)
  • 41 Jets
  • Waterfall
  • Size: 1.9m x 1.35m x 0.73m

Duplus Spa

The Duplus is our smallest sized spa, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in quality, with premium features shared with its big bothers the Optimus and Mirus. With the name deriving from the Latin meaning "double or twice as much", you certainly get more than you bargained for with the Duplus. It is a perfect haven for couples or small families looking to relax in complete tranquillity.

As with its siblings the Optimus and Mirus, the finest quality Aristech acrylic moulded shell beautifully wraps around the cabinet edge offering double lounger seats, that perfectly contour around the body.

The Duplus has a total of 41 high quality stainless steel massage and air jets the length of each lounger seat providing an unrivalled full body hydrotherapy massage experience for a tub of this size.

We have introduced a diffuser where the power can be diverted across the two seats to share or maximise the water pressure, An air switch has also been added and when opened introduces micro air bubbles into the water which completely changes the feel and intensity of the massage.

For increased efficiency, as well as our quintuple heat trap system, a powerful balboa 3 Kilowatt heater quickly heats the water to the required temperature, a class leading LX dual speed three horse power pump allows for a more efficient circulation and filtration cycle than the normal 24hr circulation pump. The Duplus can also be specified as a 13 Amp plug and play model for ease of installation.


The Duplus is perfect for quality intimate time with your partner, a huge underwater light illuminates the water creating a breath taking visual kaleidoscope, there are 7 different light colours that alternate through a sequence, or any colour can be selected and held to create a certain mood. There is also an illuminated waterfall feature when the natural tranquillity of trickling water is preferred to create a perfect sanctuary away from the stresses of the day.

What's included...

At Lime Spas, we will deliver your chosen tub on a prearranged date, site, and position. (Pre delivery preparation guide will be provided).

Every Lime Spa comes with a high quality 100mm thick insulated tapered vinyl cover, and maintenance free composite steps in a matching colour of the cabinet.

For your peace of mind, all our spas come with a 2 year shell warranty and a 1 year component guarantee.

Duplus Spa Detailed Specification

Size Unpacked1900 x 1350 x 730 mm
Seats2 Loungers
Weight260kg Empty / 1030kg Full
Water Capacity~ 800 Litres
Shell MaterialUS Aristech Acrylic
Control SystemUS Balboa GS100
Steps2 Tier Steps
Max Current16A
Voltage240V 50Hz
Pumps, Heater and Jets
Heater3KW Heater
Circulation Pump2-Speed Massage Pump
Massage Pump1 x 3HP
Entertainment and Atmosphere
Bluetooth AudioNo
Underwater LED5" Underwater LED Light
Surface LED6 LEDs
WaterfallYes (LEDs Built In)
External LEDsNo

Shell Options

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Cabinet Options

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